This study is looking for reports of children who have left the level specified
for them percentile for weight
and yet well developed.



The study percentile 'Offroader ' will seek clarity on the subject 'leaving the percentiles and still well developed' and so to detect individual healthy development paths and give them a place.• details of parents are  nevertheless wondered how of professionals

• current reports are as important as experiences back are already on.

• how much the deviation was whether the curves were left downward or upward, is not a criterion, but how the parents handle it and how the child's development appears.


• Participation:

- Constitution in personal information / descriptions in text or keyword form *.

(If there are recordings this will be fine, please send it to, but they are not a first line requirement.)

 * The reports will be treated confidentially and anonymously. Name and address are needed for the work recognition either, or  the handwritten report, also the signed report.



What is this Study for?

Weight curves employ parents since their introduction often and often intense. Weight curves can be helpful indeed. In consultations with parents the following topic repeats often:  The child grows well, despite leaving the Birth percentiles, sometimes with crossing one or more percentiles, following the actual literature in these situations there will be the more or less pressure on all involved peoples.

If you ask professionals to thriving children off the percentiles is from 'hearsay' talk, missing facts. Why this study?

As a result, they still continue to breastfeed, but need much more encouragement and motivation than if they did not worry about the weight. Not infrequently, the first child is weaned early, and subsequent children sometimes lack the courage to even begin.

Fortunately, there are also families who have the courage to follow children and put more emphasis on the thriving of their child than on the body weight. Not infrequently also due to the experience that the first child was not really faithful with surrogate food curves, quiet and the like.

For quite some time, literature on weight curves is now available to the general public, which undoubtedly offers support in the desired form to many parents and professionals. Far-reaching studies impress as well as the dedication to the topic and the need to support parents.

However, the holistic assessment of the topic remains important. This can only be done if children who fulfill the requirements of this study are also included in the weight-curve topic. 

Why do children fall with deviations from the percentile from the statistics?

One reason is that although professionals sometimes hear about 'such children', they do not seem to have any facts and therefore can not be included.

U.U. for the following reasons there are no facts in this topic:

To avoid confrontation, parents avoid bodies that would make such records; (seeing as the percentiles leave red, and possibly pushing parents to act contrary to their feelings.)

The parents follow the instructions to achieve the weight of the curve and do everything to bring their child to the intended percentile. These children then, contrary to their natural growth course, return to the statistics as 'percentiles loyal'.

 The study will also try to capture individual healthy developmental paths and give them a place.